Decoroc Profile Colours

Deuctone® process colours are more than a range of beautiful colours. They also represent a technology, an industrial process, and an expertise that guarantee a high quality finish and unrivalled durability. Each colour from the collection has undergone a number of quality tests and has been awarded the necessary technical approvals so you can always rely on its performance. Deceuninck have focused heavily on UV resistance, this means even after several years of your product being installed, your colours will be as fresh as when they were first applied.

5 different structures
You’ve discovered the Deuctone® colours. But that’s not all Deceuninck has to offer. With the Deuctone® process colours, we also offer you a selection of 5 different structures that will give definition and texture to your colours - a pleasure to the touch and a delight to behold.

• Decoroc structure - The ultimate softness of a matt satin finish. A process for which Deceuninck holds the exclusive patent. Durable and easy to clean.

• Coloured wood grain structure - The look and feel of painted wood, with all the benefits of a topcoat of paint.

• Mass coloured structure - Two classic colours - RAL 9016 white and RAL 1013 pearl white - coloured right through the PVC material itself.

•Original wood grain structure - The look and feel of natural wood, with all the benefits of PVC
• Metallic structure - A metallic look that is obtained by means of a metallic pigmentation. A process for which Deceuninck holds an exclusive patent.
Decoroc Profile Colours